lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Tessellating with Geogebra

Watch the following video: Rotational Tessellation with Geogebra"


Task 5: Tessellate with Geogebra


  • Create a pattern design based on rotation and traslation. Start with creating your own tesselation shape using the instructions shown in the video.
  • Use different colors to make it attractive.
  • When finished save the file and sent it by e-mail to your teacher ( and then upload a screen capture of your tessellation to your blog explaining the activity. The entry must be tagged with the words “Tessellations”, “Matemáticas”, “Geogebra”

    Deadline: 11th  april  

    To finish, some recommended documentaries, videoclips and commercials based on Scher's tessellations:

    Videoclips and commercials:
  • David Bowie videoclip: Jim's Red Book "Inside the Labyrinth - Escher"

  • Illy Coffee Commercial:


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